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4 Must-See Locations While Visiting Ghana

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Ghana is one of the coolest countries in West Africa. It's not surprising that many people visit it on vacation. The country is located on the coast and has beautiful beaches, some amazing parks to explore, as well as a vibrant city with lots to see. Here's a list of 4 must-see spots to check out on your next Ghana corporate travel experience.

Kakum National Park

This beautiful park is one of the most unique in all of Africa. It is home to a rainforest environment, and it is one of the few places in Africa where you will find a canopy style walkway. These walkways (which are common in Central and South America) allow you to walk high up in the treetops and get to see birds and fauna that you don't normally see. In addition to beautiful birds such as parrots and starlings, there are ground dwelling animals such as tortoise, river hogs, and civets that you will chance to see. The park is such an impressive site that it became protected under UNESCO's World Heritage designation.

Accra Mall

When you're on vacation you will want to do some shopping, and one of the best places to go is the Accra mall. It's a modern mall, but has many shops that sell local items (crafts and clothing) as well as cuisine native to Ghana. If you're a bit intimidated by the large, crowded outdoor markets in the city, then this is a great alternative. You can find much of the same collectibles, only you don't have to worry about being out in the sun and heat all day. It's a great way to do some shopping and pickup something for your friends back home.

 Labadi Beach

Of course, if you're going to visit Ghana, you really should spend some time at the beach. It's one of the best and most unknown features of this West African paradise. This beach is well kept because the local hotels take care of it to encourage tourists to visit. Besides being a great spot to go swimming, there is also live music that you can enjoy (such as reggae, and also local drumming). Even if you don't stay at one of the local hotels you can visit the beach as long as you pay an entry fee.

Cape Coast Castle

Ghana has a long and interesting history because of it's proximity to the Atlantic ocean. It was a port for timber traders early on, and later was involved in the gold trade, as well as the Atlantic slave trade. The castle is a museum and you can take a tour and see the way in which the different eras influenced the people of Ghana.