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Five Pacific Salmon Types You Can Catch During A Charter Trip

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If you're thinking about going on a fishing charter in the Pacific Ocean, you'll be excited to know that salmon are abundant in this particular body of water. As an added benefit, the Pacific Ocean is home to five separate types of salmon, each with it's own distinctive flavor. Following are the five kinds of Pacific salmon that you might catch on that upcoming fishing charter.

Chinook Salmon 

Also known as King salmon, Chinook salmon are the largest of the salmonoid species. Although most Chinook salmon average about 30 pounds in weight, some have grown as large as 110 pounds. Chinook salmon have a mild, buttery flavor that is considered by many to be superior to the taste of all other types of salmon. 

Sockeye Salmon 

Sockeye, or Red salmon, is renowned for its ruby-red flesh and sharp, clean flavor profile. Commercial chefs love it because of the bold color statement it makes on the plate, and home cooks are proud to serve it for the same reason. Sockeyes weigh in at between four and 15 pounds, making them one of the smallest Pacific salmon types. 

Coho Salmon 

Also called Silver salmon, Coho salmon average eight pounds each, although some have been caught that weigh as much as 35 pounds. Coho resembles Sockeye more than any other type of salmon, with bright orange-to-red flesh. However, its flavor is slightly milder than that of Sockeye. Many people consider Coho salmon to be their favorite type to fish for because they put up such a fight on the line. 

Chum Salmon

Chum salmon is also known as Keta salmon and Dog salmon. They average from between 10 to 13 pounds, and, unlike other types of Pacific salmon, they don't have orange, pink, or red flesh. Chum salmon flesh is tan and occasionally ivory colored. It is also the least fatty of the Pacific salmon types and the only one that has a set of sharp, prominent canine teeth. 

Pink Salmon

The smallest of the Pacific salmon types, Pink salmon average from between three and a half and five pounds. They are also the most abundant of all Pacific salmon and the type that you will probably be most likely to catch on a fishing charter in the Pacific Ocean. As its name implies, this type of salmon features pink-to-orange flesh. Ocean-caught pink salmon tastes very similar to Chinook. 

For more information on the types of fish you can expect to catch during your fishing charter trip in the Pacific Ocean, please contact your professional charter service at your earliest convenience.