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So You've Rented A Stretch Limo: Here's What You Need To Know About Driver Interactions

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Stretch limos are a great way to have a little stylish fun, but there are a series of unwritten rules regarding your driver that must be followed at all times. This will make the situation more enjoyable for both you and the driver and keeps you safe.

Treating The Limo Driver Properly

When you are in a stretch limo, you need to treat your limo driver with reasonable respect and dignity. They are performing a difficult job and need to be treated properly. Basically, you need to treat them like a professional, interact with them in a positive manner, and avoid behaving in ways that will be problematic to their driving.

Yes, stretch limos are designed to be a fun place to have a little party, but limo drivers often experience awful rider behavior that makes them likely to react in negative ways. While most stretch limos offer a bar, it's best to avoid getting excessively drunk and behaving in questionable ways, such as sticking your head out the sun roof or engaging in "rough house" behavior (including wrestling with friends or performing any sexual act).

What To Expect From Them

If you treat your stretch limo driver with respect, then you are more likely to receive the same kind of respect from them. Of course, it is their job to provide a pleasant, relaxing, and nearly invisible presence while driving. When they pick you up, they will open and close the door and do what they can to earn the 20 percent tip that most limo drivers expect for their service.

Chatting with the limo driver is acceptable and most will enjoy talking to break up the monotony of their driving experience. However, they are typically instructed to avoid starting conversation and to focus on driving. So while they should be pleasant and friendly, don't expect a chatterbox.

They should also work to find the best route to your destination and engage in safe driving practices, including adhering to the speed limit and checking the considerable blind spots present on stretch limos. If they aren't driving safely and refuse to after being asked, discuss this with the limo rental company after you're done.

Avoid Distracting The Driver

As mentioned before, drivers will interact with you in a friendly way, but want to focus on driving to avoid dangerous situations. When stretch limos crash, distractions can be a real dangerous situation. This is especially true in stretch limos that lack seat belts or don't make it a necessity to buckle up. Avoid distracting your limo driver by:

  • Limiting your interaction with them
  • Avoiding playing loud music
  • Following reasonable riding guidelines, such as staying inside the car at all times
  • Rolling up the divider window between the front and back seats

If you're interested in renting a stretch limo for any situation (including bachelor parties), please contact a limo rental company, like Book Las Vegas, right away to learn more about your expectations as a driver. These may vary depending on the company.