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3 Ways To Reduce Your Moorage Services Expenses While Taking A Boating Vacation

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If you're planning on taking a vacation via a boat this summer, you'll need a place to dock overnight. While anchoring is sometimes an option, moorage services sometimes offer more shelter from storms, not to mention conveniences such as restrooms and access to grocery stores. You'll likely want to spend at least a few nights moored at a marina during your vacation. Here are three ways to reduce how much you pay for mooring on those nights.

Buy or Rent a Shorter Vessel

Moorage services are often charged by the length of the boat. By choosing to spend your vacation on a shorter one rather than a longer one, you'll be able to save each night that you're moored. As an added bonus, you'll also be able to save on fuel if you're taking a power boat.

If you already have a boat that you're planning on taking on vacation, you might not be able to save money by taking a shorter one. If you're looking to purchase a new boat this summer or will be renting a watercraft for your vacation, though, take your moorage services costs into account when determining the length of vessel that you want.

Book in Advance

Just as airlines and hotels often give customers who book their travel well in advance, marinas sometimes also offer reduced rates for people who reserve moorings ahead of time. As soon as you know when you'll be taking a boating vacation and where you'll be going, book a mooring for each night. Offer to pay upfront for the mooring if a marina will give you a discount. Many may be willing to reduce your nightly rate slightly in order to get a guaranteed payment, especially if you're going to be at their facilities during a slower time of the summer.

Walk into Town

Many marinas that offer moorage services also have convenience stores, showers and other amenities. These additional amenities aren't always included in mooring charges, though. Instead of paying extra for these services, walk into town. In port areas, the town is often close to the water and just a short distance from the marina. You'll not only get to see the town you're staying in, but you might find that you can save money on extras by getting them from somewhere else in town. For instance, the local grocery store may have better prices on food or the town might have free public showers. Contact a company like South Park Marina for more info.