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Things To Confirm Before You Catch A Ride On An Airport Shuttle

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One of the major benefits of spending the night at a hotel near the airport when you're traveling by air is that you'll be able to hop on a shuttle that runs between the hotel and the airport. Simply find out the shuttle's departure schedule, make sure you're waiting on the curb in front of the hotel with your luggage at the appropriate time and you'll soon be breezing along the road toward your departure terminal. This method of transportation is straightforward, but it's always ideal to ask a few questions at the hotel's front desk or concierge area before you need to travel to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Here are some things to ask.

In Which Order Does The Shuttle Driver Visit The Terminals?

Unless you happen to be the only passenger riding on the shuttle, there's a strong likelihood that the driver will follow a specific route — both to the airport and through the airport campus itself. In the case of larger airports, there can be several departure terminals and, in many cases, they can be spread out significantly. As such, it's important to know the route the driver will take through the airport property. For example, if you are departing from Terminal C and the driver will stop at Terminal A and B before dropping you off, you may want to take an earlier shuttle if you're cutting your departure time close.

Is There A Tipping Policy?

It's common to express your thanks for the shuttle driver's service by giving him or her a tip as you climb off upon arriving at your terminal, but some organizations have a no-tipping policy. You don't want to experience a misunderstanding in which you attempt to tip someone who can't accept it or you forgo tipping and appear rude in doing so. A front desk clerk or the concierge will be able to tell you about the policy regarding tipping the driver.

How Do I Catch The Shuttle When I Return?

Once you fly back to the airport, whether it's the next day or a week later, you'll often be wanting to return to the hotel for the night or to collect your vehicle. In this case, it's important to know how and where to catch the hotel's airport shuttle on its way from the arrival terminal to the airport. You can expect to hear about a schedule that you can write into your smartphone to remember; for example, the shuttle might arrive at a designated area near the terminal every 30 minutes.

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