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Three Ways To End A Family Vacation In Style And On A High Note

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If you are like most parents, you begin planning the annual family vacation a few months in advance (farther back if you need to tightly budget your funds). With all of the places you can take the kids and the different things you can do or explore, the choices are endless. If you book your travel through a travel agent, you can get some excellent package deals too. You will also have numerous add-on options for your packaged travel. In the midst of all of these exciting choices, one thing is certain--you want to end the trip in style and/or on a high note. Here are three ways you can accomplish just that.

Kids' Night/Parents' Night Out

Many theme parks and popular destinations for families offer "kids' nights" and "parents' nights out." Kids' nights have a wide variety of activities that keep your little munchkins busy and content, including movies and games. The destinations that offer kids' nights may offer them for a small fee or include them in the price of your stay when you stay in an on-site resort. As for parents' night out, most vacation destinations offer babysitting services so that parents can enjoy the last night of vacation out on their own while the kiddos are fully occupied by certified resort sitters. The service is not cheap, but it definitely ends the trip on a high note for parents and kids alike.

Fireworks and a Parade

Family destinations often offer nights of fireworks and parades at night. If you and your family have not stayed inside the park or resort after it gets dark, you may decide to stick around the very last night to see the fireworks, parades and/or other celebratory events that occur after dark. Then you can all rest after this last bit of excitement and before you depart in the morning.

Limo Service

If you are not driving to your vacation destination but are instead flying to your destination, you may want to end the vacation in real style. Hire a limo service to pick up the entire family and carry you directly to the airport. The added benefit to hiring a limo service to take you to the airport is that you do not have to worry about when you will get up to check out of the hotel because the limo can pick you up one hour before the plane leaves, versus the several hours it might take for bus or coach service offered by the resort or theme park. Riding in total comfort to the airport with tired, cranky but reasonably happy kids does not hurt either.