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3 Facts You Should Know About The International Balloon Fiesta

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If you and your family are looking forward to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October of 2016, it is important to plan ahead for that exciting event. Specifically, knowing now what you will be allowed to do at the fiesta, what you can take to the park and whether or not your four-legged family members can go with you will help you to enjoy the event more, since you will not be scrambling at the last minute to make the necessary arrangements. As the largest balloon convention in the world, it provides an amazing experience to its devotees.

#1-You Can Talk With The Pilots, Walk Around The Balloons And Hear Hundreds Of Burners Lighting At One Time

One problem with some public displays like this is that there is often a lot of time where guests are watching an event, but they spend very little time creating a personal experience with what is going on. That quickly leads to bored children, frustrated adults and a less-than-stellar experience that nobody is looking forward to repeating.

Fortunately, that is not a problem at the International Balloon Fiesta.You are encouraged to walk the grounds, as long as you are careful to not step directly over the balloons, their attachments or anyone working on them. You are also given time to ask the pilots questions, and at night you have access to the awe-inspiring sound of hundreds of ignitions for the balloons being lit at the same time.

#2-Feel free To Bring Chairs, Food And Beverages (But Be Prepared For Random Searches)

Another positive attribute of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is that you are allowed to bring whatever food and drinks that your family needs to enjoy the day. The exception to that policy is that you are not allowed to bring any alcohol or glass products. Therefore, bags, backpacks and other storage items are all subject to random searches by staff to protect the safety and well-being of all attendees.

In addition, be sure to bring a good camera. It is said that The International Balloon Fiesta is the most widely photographed event in the world, and as such, you will want to snap a few pictures of your own. The battery on your cellphone could wear out when there are still a lot of memories to document in the day, so plan accordingly.

#3-Fluffy And Fido Cannot Come (Unless He Or She Is A Service Animal)

As with virtually any event, service animals are welcome and expected. Unfortunately, for everyone else, pets are not allowed to enjoy the day with their people. If traveling without your beloved pet is challenging, Albuquerque is a large city and boasts a number of pet-friendly hotels. It might be worth a few phone calls to see if you can find a room where your pet would be allowed to stay while you attend the event.

Alternatively, there are boarding facilities and pet day care centers in the area who might also have a spot or two available for a drop-in guest. If you need either of those options, it is a good idea to call as far in advance as possible, as dog-friendly hotels and animal care facilities are likely to fill up soon.

In conclusion, the International Balloon Fiesta is an enormous event that spans nine days and has provided its attendees with amazing memories for many years. As such, the above details will be very helpful when planning for your attendance at this unique gathering.