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How To Give Experiences As Your Christmas Gifts

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Are you still wondering what to give your family members for Christmas this year? One idea is to give them experiences instead of concrete gifts. Here are some ideas that might help you give an especially memorable gift this Christmas.

Individual Gifts - Think of the things your family members enjoy doing and match those to experiences.

  • An art lover would appreciate a membership to a local museum. If that's too spendy, then just buy a one-time ticket to the museum. 
  • Does somebody on your list love to cook? Gourmet cooking classes would be the perfect gift for that person.
  • What about a person who loves star gazing? Can you imagine the fun of opening a gift card to a nearby planetarium?
  • Is somebody in the family traveling to a foreign country? Then foreign language lessons would be truly appreciated.

Family Gifts - A gift for an entire family to enjoy together will be a wonderful surprise.

  • Is there a theme park in your area? If so, a yearly pass would be a truly amazing gift. Of course, a one-time ticket for each family member would also be appreciated.
  • Have you heard if there is a concert coming to town that would be enjoyed by an entire family? It may not be too late to get tickets to see The Nutcracker ballet as an early Christmas gift.
  • For a family with little ones, a trip to the zoo would be absolutely perfect.
  • Grandparents may appreciate gift cards for a dinner and a movie date.

Gifts For You To Enjoy - When you shop for your spouse or a companion, include yourself for added fun for both of you. Or, you might live by yourself and you may want to commemorate Christmas by giving yourself a special experience. Go on a trip!

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Give your gift in a creative way. For example, if you're giving somebody cooking lessons, attach your gift to a wooden spoon. If you're giving a trip to the zoo, animal crackers would be a fun way to present your gift.

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