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Here's What You Need to Consider When Tipping Your Airport Taxi Driver

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Taking an airport taxi between your home or hotel and the airport terminal is an effective way to travel in the hours leading up to your flight. With a professional behind the wheel, you won't have to think about traffic, directions or parking and can concentrate on daydreaming about your upcoming trip or running through a last-minute checklist on your smartphone. When you arrive in front of your terminal, it's easy to be tempted to dash off in search of your check-in gate, but it's important to take the extra time to calculate the right tip as a way to express your thanks to your driver. Here's what you need to consider.

The Base Percentage

Aim to give your taxi driver a tip of about 15 percent of the total cost of the fare. This percentage is conventional and while it can vary slightly according to your region, it's an effective amount. If you plan to tip with cash, keep an eye on the fare meter as you approach the airport so you can quickly calculate what you wish to give. If paying by credit card, you're often able to press a "15 percent" button to add the tip when you confirm the credit card payment.

Extra Factors

It's a kind gesture to tip your driver a little beyond the suggested 15 percent if you found that he or she did something to make your ride truly memorable or stress-free. For example, a driver who skilfully navigated a traffic jam that would've otherwise made you late and caused you considerable stress can often earn a higher tip. Likewise, someone who provides you with some valuable information, such as telling you exactly where to go in the terminal if you're running late, is worth tipping a little more. There's no set additional amount you should tip for such occurrences, so use your discretion and tip what you feel is appropriate.

Help With Luggage

When you're traveling to the airport, you often have one or more suitcases that the taxi driver will handle for you. This additional assistance is also worth a little more when you tip. The suggested amount is to tip an extra $1 for each bag the driver loads and unloads for you. Again, your discretion is important here -- if you have one oversized item that is a challenge to handle, you can feel free to tip a little extra for the handling of this piece of luggage.

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