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Understanding Why You're Receiving Fewer Ride Requests

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Being a limo driver in the LAX area has been difficult these days, partly due to the influx of new drivers. If you've been working around that area, know that this factor, along with two others, is the reason you're receiving fewer ride requests per day. Indeed, gone are the days when you used to get fares almost every half hour, as waiting times are now expressed in terms of hours. This article discusses the two other reasons affecting your professional activity.

What are those two factors?

Limo services activities are currently affected by

  • The threats made by LAX airport officials
  • The development of the Uber's "geofence" system

After growing tired of waiting for a fare, many limo drivers decided to stay near the parking lots located around the LAX terminals to increase their chances of finding clients. This strategy was based on the fact that certain clients may not decide to make a transportation request via the Uber app if they see a limo driver nearby. The problem with this practice is that it led to the congestion of LAX terminals, and ultimately to the impounding of several limo services cars by law enforcement agents.

Following the threats made by officials to restrict airport access to limo services, Uber launched an algorithm that systematically excludes all registered drivers who are located within a certain range of LAX, and referred to as the "geofence." So any driver, who used to get more clients because they were staying near the airport's terminals, will no longer receive fares, unless they park outside of the "geofence."

How efficient is the Uber's "geofence" system?

While Uber's "geofence" has successfully addressed the concerns raised by LAX airport officials, it hasn't made the job of limo drivers any easier. A common complaint made towards the "geofence" system is that it creates unfairness among drivers. More specifically, the system isn't equipped with the ability to assign ride requests based on how long a driver has spent waiting.

For example, if you make yourself available at 9 am and another driver shows up for work at noon, they might get a fare before you. Many limo drivers have expressed their frustration concerning this unfairness issue, and are hoping that Uber will improve its system's features quickly.

Because Uber's main mission is to help customers and LAX limo services connect more easily, you can be certain that the company will work hard to improve the current limits associated with its "geofence" system.