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Three Ways To Make Your Tahiti Honeymoon Packages Even Better

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Part of planning the wedding is planning the perfect honeymoon, and Tahiti offers some of the best tropical options. You may be considering several honeymoon packages, but there is another option. Many travel agencies that cater to honeymoons will allow you to create your own package. This means you can take your Tahiti trip and make it even better and more personalized. Here are three ways to make personal Tahiti honeymoon packages using your travel agent.

Look for Themes

You may believe that the only difference between the various Tahiti honeymoon packages are the islands and the time you spend there. The truth is, there are packages that offer themes. For example, you can choose a theme package that takes you on historical tours of the area or diving tours and fishing tours. If you have a particular sport or interest, find out if your agent has a theme option that would make your honeymoon package even better.

Look at What's Included

Some packages may sound wonderful, for example an 8 night stay at a luxury spa, but when you begin to look at what's included it may not seem as wonderful. Always look at what's included versus the kind of honeymoon you want. For example, you may find a package that covers your airfare as well as two meals a day and your hotel. Another package may offer all of that plus extras like free drinks or free spa amenities. Compare what you are getting and decide if the cheaper option offers more than a more expensive package that only offers nicer rooms.

 Consider Combining Packages

Some packages offer three, five, or eight day honeymoon stays. If you want to see the most of what Tahiti has to offer, consider combining packages. You can choose several three day packages that give you the end result of touring all of Tahiti rather than an 8 day stay in only one location. Your travel agent may also be able to help you work combination packages into your budget to give you even more if you are willing to move your honeymoon to times of the year when specials and discounts are popular.

There are ways for you to get the most for your money while still enjoying everything Tahiti honeymoon packages have to offer. If you are willing to take your time, compare the packages, and even move the dates around a bit you can make your package even better.