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Hotel Booking Mistakes To Avoid

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Believe it or not, booking a hotel room involves much more than simply choosing a hotel and entering your credit card. If you want to truly enjoy your room and your trip, there are some things to consider. Without the right knowledge not only can you pay more for your room, but you might end up with a room with which you are completely unsatisfied. Make certain you know what hotel booking mistakes to avoid.

Not Asking Questions

When booking with a third-party site, it's important that you ask questions about the specific room you booked. Some third-party sites don't offer you a chance to pick a certain room category. Don't ever assume that the immaculate, amenity-loaded room pictured on the hotel's website is the room you booked.

After making your reservation, speak with someone at the property directly and ask questions about your reservation. If you're unsatisfied, you may be able to work something out with the hotel directly or contact the third-party site for a cancellation. Waiting until you arrive to find out the room isn't what you expected can put a huge damper on your trip.

Booking Too Early

Don't book your hotel room too early. The rate for a room is likely to be significantly lower a week before travel than it is two months before. When properties don't have many reservations for a particular period, they may adapt to a something's-better-than-nothing policy. Property managers will lower their rates just to increase occupancy.

As a safety precaution, make a hold-only reservation early. Hold reservations don't require a deposit and they allow you to cancel your reservation, free of charge, up to a specified date. Continue looking for properties in the area that might be offering a last minute travel deal. If you find one, simply cancel the original reservation.

Bypassing The Fine Print

Just like it's important to ensure you understand exactly what type of room you are booking, it's also important to understand any additional costs that come with your reservation. Many hotels charge additional fees in the form of resort fees. Resort fees help offset the costs for amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools and workout centers.

The location of the hotel will determine how much this fee is, but you could anticipate anywhere from $25 or more per night. For a week-long stay, paying an additional $25 a day in resort fees would equal $175. If you haven't budgeted this into your trip, being hit with this additional cost can be a real shock.

Avoiding booking mistakes won't just save you money, but ensure you have a better trip overall at a hotel like Clarion Suites.