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Understanding Etiquette Rules When Traveling By Charter Bus

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When taking a trip on a charter bus there are certain things passengers can do that potentially make the trip unbearable for everyone. However, in order to ensure that the trip is an enjoyable one there are certain etiquette rules that passengers can follow. Here is a list of etiquette tips that can help you avoid annoying other passengers.

Music Etiquette

When taking a long trip it is common to want to listen to music to make the ride more enjoyable. However, your taste in music may not be the same as the rest of the passengers'. For this reason, you should listen to your music using headphones. Even when you have on headphones, the volume should be turned down low so that it doesn't disturb others. If you are not certain about the volume of your headphones, ask the person next to you if they can hear your music. If they can, turn your headphones down lower.

Seating Etiquette

Playing with the back of the seat in front of you can be extremely annoying to the person in that particular seat. Be aware of your constant movements and how you situate your feet. It is considered proper etiquette for you to keep your feet on the floor at all times. This will prevent you from swinging your feet back and forth, which can cause you to accidentally kick or bump the back of the seat in front of you. Minding your actions when you are in close proximity of other people will prevent you from getting into an unnecessary confrontation. Remember to keep all hands and feet within your private seating area.

Bathroom Etiquette

If possible, take bathroom breaks without bothering other passengers. If you know that you have to use the bathroom frequently during long trips then consider requesting an aisle seat. This way you can walk back and forth through the aisle without having to constantly cross over your seatmate. Also, consider carrying a small spray can of air freshener with you so you can mist the bathroom after each use.

Food Etiquette

Do not bring along fish, tuna or other smelly foods to eat while riding the bus. It is considered proper etiquette to leave these offensive smelling foods behind. It could possibly cause make passengers nauseous, especially if one of them is pregnant or suffers from motion sickness.

The main thing to remember when traveling by charter bus is to be considerate of all passengers. Following these tips will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. If you're looking for a charter bus, contact Rochester Shuttle Express.