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This Is What You Should Always Do When Hiring A Limo Service

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Find out if the limousine service has an hourly limit and then determine if this fits in well with your schedule. It is especially common during certain times of the week for the limo service to have a minimum number of hours that you will need to book, so if you do not need so many hours, you may need to go elsewhere.

Choose the Right Day to Go

The best time to go traveling is on the weekday because limo drivers are the busiest on the weekends. For example, if you need a limo to go to the airport, schedule your trip for a Tuesday. Also, hire the limo service as far in advance as possible because you are more likely to be charged a higher rate if you book last minute. Also, if there is a great enough demand for limos, you might not be able to find one at all.

Don't Book Too Many Passengers

You may want to book as many passengers as possible so that you can save money. However, limos will often charge by how many individuals are in the limo. Also, the more people in the limo, the more uncomfortable it can be to travel in one. You will want to book a larger limo and not fill it to capacity.

Get an All-Inclusive Fee

It can be sometimes difficult to determine how much the service will be because there are often additional charges that are tacked onto the limo service fee. Ask for an all-inclusive price when hiring the limo service so that you know how much you will be paying. Also, you will want to ask about when your rental charges officially start. One easy way to handle this is to find a limo service that will charge a flat fee for a specific period so that you know how much you will be paying.

Ask About Extra Services

Ask in advance about the extra services that may be provided. Some limo services will provide alcohol and you are allowed to drink if you are of the legal age. Some companies provide radio or satellite music. However, you may want to burn a few CDs or bring your iPod if your wedding party has a unique taste in music and you want to make sure that you have something enjoyable to listen to.

Inspect the Limo

Check the limo prior to using it. Most services will clean up after the last guest. However, you should try smelling the limo first to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. Also, inspect the limo, such as one through Carlson Livery Limousine & Party Bus LLC, to make sure that it is in good condition.