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Prepping For Your Beach Vacation - Make Sure To Bring Supplies

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Reserving your beachfront vacation rental from a company like TimeOut HideOuts is just the first step to vacation planning - the next step is packing. Standard supplies such as clothes and travel gear are always easy to remember, but there are also supplies one might forget to pack. Many times, beach towns will rack up the prices on the basics, knowing what folks might forget to bring along. Here are common supplies that are often an afterthought, but will be needed on your beach vacation.

Home Base

Maximizing the use of your vacation rental as a home is a great way to entertain and relax. Besides the basics for the kitchen, there are other household items you should consider bringing along. If you have picky eaters in your party, bring snacks and favorite staples so you aren't scrambling to feed your family upon arrival. Paper towels and toilet paper are usually supplied in small amounts, but can run out quickly, so bring some back up rolls. If you plan on relaxing with cocktails or wine, bring this ahead of time if possible, as alcohol is often overpriced in vacation locales.

Safety First

Double check the stock of all family medications to make sure emergency trips to pharmacies won't be needed. To maximize your time on the beach, make sure your family is safe and comfortable by preparing for the elements. A first aid kit, bug spray and sunscreen are a must. Plan for cooler days with sweaters, ponchos and shoes other than flip flops, especially if your beach vacation is a week or longer.

Beach Day

If you think packing up a beach ball, umbrella and swimsuit is good enough, think again. Even if your rental states it comes with beach gear and towels, it is always a good idea to bring back up supplies. If you can bring extra towels and water toys, you'll have what you need if the ones supplied aren't up to snuff. Protection from the sun is important - plan to keep your family protected with clothing and sunscreen. Make sure you bring lots of drinking water to the beach and have it available at all times.  

You can only prepare so much, but thinking ahead of time can save you time, money and stress on your beach vacation. Planning ahead of time can free you up to spend your money, guilt-free, on beachfront dinners and souvenirs. Being away from home should be an adventure, but if you are staying in a rental there is nothing wrong with making it your home by bringing along what you need.