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Making The Most Of An Extended Stay Hotel

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Anyone who needs to travel for a month or more is probably better off booking an extended stay hotel. It will cost less in the long run and offer more amenities.

Keep it clean

Yes, there is maid service, but if you know you'll be staying for over a month, keeping everything neat and organized is a good idea. This is especially true if the hotel stay is because of a long distance move. Belongings strewn everywhere will be a major headache when it's time to pack up. Plus, a room will seem smaller the messier it is.

Try to book a large room

Unless you've lived in studio apartments your whole life, you'll probably find a conventional sized hotel room becomes claustrophobic after a few days, let alone for longer hotel stays. This is especially true if you are sharing the room with others. If your budget allows it, get the largest room you can.

Figure out which amenities and extras are important to you

Do you want a DVD or a DVR player, or both? What size refrigerator do you prefer? Or is a mini-fridge your only option? Even small items like a coffee maker can help you feel more connected when you're away from home. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in your room, instead of having to go out every morning in an unfamiliar neighborhood in search of your morning brew.

Maintain some privacy and security

When you maintain your room, there's no need to have housekeeping stop by every day. The less people going in and out of your room, the safer it is. You don't know who's in the hallways when you're away and the doors are open for cleaning. While the housekeeper is working on the bathroom someone can sneak into the bedroom and take something. Your belongings and sensitive documents will be within reach, and possibly visible, on a daily basis.

If you arrive back to your room during the day, and want to take a nap or just relax, housekeeping may knock on your door or already be inside during their daily rounds.   

Unless your room needs cleaning, simply hang a "Do Not Disturb Sign" on your door. If you're out of fresh towels, ring the front desk.

Watch your diet

Being away from home is not a license to eat poorly. For the sake of your health, make sure your room has some sort of kitchen. Find out where the nearest supermarket is and shop healthy. Cook some meals with fresh ingredients. Go to the hotel gym. If one isn't available, inquire about any nearby. Some hotels offer gym guest passes.  

Use these tips for a stress-free, enjoyable extended stay. For more tips, ask various hotels such as Hampton Inn Suites what they recommend.